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Bollywood Weddings: Dating, Engagement and Marriage in Hindu America answers the age-old question “Why do we marry the people we choose to marry?” What attracts people to one another based on their ethnicity, religion, linguistic, cultural, vocational, educational, and financial qualities? My book is a compilation of true stories about why and how people marry; ultimately, I propose that who we choose to marry and why is meaningful in how we express our national identity.

In doing research for my book, I observed that mainstream popular culture – in this case, Bollywood – plays a significant role in how we approach falling in love and getting married. Of course, it shouldn’t come as a surprise. MTV, the Internet, our iPhones, e-mail, social-networking sites, highway billboards, magazines and newspapers are omnipresent… and influential. Mass media targets us as consumers, promoting the latest fad, technology, product, etc. in a way that is both flagrantly conspicuous yet stealthfully pervasive.

My blog provides news about Bollywood Weddings and is a library of opinion-editorial columns, essays and articles I’ve written about popular culture, love, marriage, religion, ethnicity, current events, South-Asian Diaspora, and Indian-American culture. Here you can read my thoughts on mainstream popular culture (eg. “Mad Men“), current events (eg. sharia law in Britain and Shah Rukh Khan’s detainment at Newark Airport), and profiles of artists and writers (eg. Sakti Burman and Ha Jin). Feel free to circulate PDFs of my articles to friends and family.